How Takaro’s product makes Coronavirus days fun and full of activities.

April 2020
By Jonathan Shem-Ur, Takaro Tech’s Founder & Chief Creative  


Kids having fun with Takaro’s QNI playground 


Your home is your castle. This old saying was never found to be so universal truth. 

However, the castle is under a severe siege. Nobody knows when it’s over, but we all sense that it might take a very long time. 

Even when the current siege will finally be beyond us, we will stay on the watch for the next one. Who can tell when the plague will outbreak again? 

Your home is your castle under a siege, and you get weakened as time passes. How can you guard your castle if you get weakened as times goes by? 

How can you remain in shape? Physically, emotionally, spiritually when the walls seem to grow on you? How you can keep your sanity when restless kids can’t find themselves? 

Working out seems more and more like a prisoner’s daily routine. It takes a lot of character to persist. The younger you are, the harder it becomes. 

That’s where Takaro’s QNI gets into the picture.

It was first presented to the public in January 2020. In the CES, LAS VEGAS. 

It was the prototype of the most amazing and advanced interactive playground, with 30 patents (pending) are in it. 

It’s comprised of connected tiles, operated by an awesome app, and provides magnificent and mesmerizing games and activities that not only make you move – you simply can’t leave that arena.

QNI combines physical activity with games, and working out with fun, in a revolutionary new way. Its magnitude enables multi-players games, its cloud connection enables on-line games with remote pals. 

Soon enough we will be able to supply our QNI playground and app. Soon enough, the siege will be much more bearable. 

Soon enough, you’ll have it. Soon enough you’ll be equipped with the most powerful weapon to protect your castle.
The QNI playground is about to come.

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