Our QNI games and portable interactive playground
make you move

The Vision

The urge to move is innate in our genes. The craving to play was born with us. But the digital age, armed with its mesmerizing screens, has chained us all. We play – but we don’t move. We settle for thumb and finger substitutes.
Until now.

Until we spread the QNI tiles on our floor and start marching on them. The future has been captured.


After thorough research and development, based on inspiration, innovation,
cutting edge technologies, and many patents (pending), we bring you QNI.
Welcome to the Qniverse

Portable Playground​​

An amazing, versatile and portable playground – a floor console that you play ON​

Qni Tiles​​

Spread the modular tiles on your floor, hop on, and you are in a new universe of gaming and play​

Qniverse of Games

Fitness programs through games for kids & adults. Breathtaking 3d experiences. Arcade games. Ball games. Always connected platform

The Scope

QNI gives the kids a platform to interact directly with friends through fitness programs, games activities and tons of fun.
QNI is also a great commercial opportunity.
By providing unique attractions for kids and shoppers, QNI can open new revenue streams and analytics channels for entertainment venues and retailers.

Managed & Tracking

Operated and managed by the smartphone. Tracking your Training programs, goals and achievements. Integrated with wearable devices (like a watch)


A highly competitive affordable price. With a subscription-based limitless store of games, activities, and training programs

Commerce & Entertainment

A great attraction in malls and shops that enrich the buyers' experience. Enables online deep analytics

Open Platform

Easy tools for the developer community to build and offer their products in our QNI store


Shai Beilis

Founder & Chairman

Jonathan Shem-Ur

Founder & Chief creative officer

Ofer Atir

CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Amir Ben-Shalom

Chief  Scientist

Yehuda Naim


Shani Brownstein



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